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Why is the internship program 12 months long?

Our desire is to invest significantly in the next generation of pastors, church leaders, and church planters. We believe this can be accomplished best by a longer, more intense, and more intentional discipleship process than what a typical single-semester internship program allows. We recognize that a year-long internship is a lot to ask for young leaders, but our promise is that the personal growth and the ministry experience you will receive as a Grace intern will be invaluable as you pursue your calling in vocational ministry.

Can I go to school and be an intern at the same time?

Yes! Our internships are geared toward current college students, recent graduates, or grad students. We would love to work with you to accommodate your school schedule as you intern. Many universities offer credit for relevant internships and we are happy to work with our interns to make this possible as desired; however, it is the intern’s responsibility to get credit for this internship approved, and to satisfy all requirements in attaining that credit.

Can I get hired at Grace after my internship?

After successfully completing the program, Grace interns are welcome to apply for any open positions within the church, though we cannot promise that any intern will be hired on as full time staff. There may be additional opportunities for interns to join the staff of Grace church plants as those teams are being sent out.

Will I get paid as an intern?

Yes, all interns are paid a small weekly stipend of $150. Lead Interns are paid $250 per week for the duration of their role. Additionally, all interns have the opportunity to receive free housing via a host home. Breakfast and lunch are also provided to all interns as needed through the Grace Early Learning Center.

Can I work another job during my internship?

Students enrolled in our program are asked not to take on an additional job. Grace Internships and Residencies are full-time leadership development programs. The many things offered to you (mentoring, coaching, skill training, strategic thinking, collaborative learning, etc.) that will help shape and prepare you for ministry will require a 40+ hour work week, which would make it unmanageable for you to take on a part-time job. We want you to have the energy, time, and focus to make the most out of your internship as well as balance the other priorities in your life.

Do I need a car?

Yes. The majority of an intern’s responsibilities will require that they have a reliable form of transportation, which makes a license and a vehicle mandatory for the internship.

Do I need a laptop?

Yes, each participant is required to have a laptop computer to use during the duration of the program. At Grace, our systems work most efficiently on Apple products; however, they are just as accessible on other platforms. If an intern is unable to provide his/her own laptop, Grace may be able to provide a “floater” device as needed.

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