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It's more than just babysitting. KidzCity is all about helping kids discover their story in Christ. And we want to make it safe, relevant, friendly, and above all fun for them. At KidzCity, we want to partner with parents to help their kids celebrate Jesus together.

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the main course

Each month, we want to help you lead your kids to discover their story in Christ. No experience necessary...we provide everything you need! We promise to keep it simple and fun!


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early childhood

We have a caring, designed experience for even the smallest of the family. Kids six weeks through five years old have their own age-based curriculum and resources.  

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Infants-5 years old (PreK)


Get ready for high-energy fun every Sunday morning even at home. Kindergarten through 5th grade get worship, a main message video, and downloadable PDFs for content and conversations at home.  Every week, they'll hear about how they can make a decision to follow Jesus.

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Video Lesson:

K-5th Grade


Parent Guide

contact: Nancy Hall, nancy@gracechristian.tv


1648 lexington rd.

georgetown, ky 40324

building hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

main: 502.868.9025

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